Sales and Marketing Manager

Job title: Sales and Marketing Manager
Contract type: Permanent
Location: Singapore
Salary: $50 - 100 k
Start date: 28 Jul 2020
Job Reference: 50934
Contact details: Nicholas Lau
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Job published: 7 days ago

                                                 JOB DESCRIPTION



Job Title

Sales and Marketing Manager


Teknor Apex Asia Pacific





Line Manager

Business Director, TPE





            Manage TPE businesses including account relations and business development Asia Pacific Region (excluding China & Taiwan).  Develop and implement key account strategies including Japanese OEM strategies, market segment strategies and business plan for Asia Pacific Region.  Serve as liaison to the Japanese market, representing global interest at Japanese OEMs and brand owners.





·       On a daily basis, provide product recommendation, technical support and manage complaint response, coordinating efforts with technical, manufacturing and other functions, as appropriate.

·       On a weekly basis, consolidate market, competitive & product intelligence, business risks, analyze market trends and needs and translate into a concrete action plan to continuously strengthen TA position in Japan and at Japanese OEMs in Asia Pacific Region

·       On a weekly basis, use in-depth analytical competencies and business experience to perform analyses of the competitive forces as well as strengths & weaknesses of TAC’s position in Japan and with Japanese OEMs.  As appropriate and in conjuncture with regional TPE Sales and Business Development Manager when needed, adapt the tactical plan to insure successful implementation in an ever changing environment. 

·       As needed, identify and select potential collaborators (internal as well as external) for market development, OEM development and NBD activities, in Asia Pacific region.

·       Develop sales training tools and train distributor’s sales force to successfully launch new products and translate successes to other customers in line with the strategy.

·       Travel >50% to key collaborators including customers, OEMs and other TA offices.  Occasionally jointly visiting transplant Japanese accounts / OEMs to help promote TA products and coordinate efforts globally.




3.         SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITY (Summarize responsibility over which the position has control.)


·       Responsible for providing support to OEMs, customers and collaborators in Japan, promoting TA products and growing the Japanese business with Japanese OEMs.

·       Position has budget responsibilities for Asia pacific region (excludes China and Taiwan) with revenue responsibilities up to USD10,000,000

·       Position has budget responsibilities for the Japanese market with revenue responsibilities up to $20,000,000.





Title of Person or Group

Purpose of Contact

Frequency of Contact

Daily, Weekly, Occasional


Sales support, product recommendation, contract / price negotiation, complaint management



Provide Direction


Business/Division Management, Technology, Operations, NBD, Finance, Customer Service, Supply Chain

Customer order support, coordination of market activities


Market Managers

Tactical & Strategic information exchange / action


Trade Show Management

Market focused exhibition


Trade Associations

Raise Awareness




5.         SKILLS

·       Fluent in Japanese language and culture.

·       Adequate level of spoken and written English language competencies

·       Familiarity with the automotive market, consumer, medical and industrial market, distribution channels and competitors.

·       Ability to effectively and professionally communicate cross-culturally and at multiple level of the organization, both internally and externally, and, communicate messages in a clear way that does not leave room for ambiguous interpretation.

·       Loyal and willing to integrate into the corporate culture.

·       Business acumen and adept at building relationship

·       Capable of independently providing sales and marketing support as well as in-depth technical support to key accounts, OEMs and collaborators.

·       Ability to develop and manage a high capacity independent distribution partner, capable of achieving sales growth in the key market (sub) segments identified.

·       Excellent negotiation skills are needed for success.

·       Is able to exert influence through persuasion, personal credibility and convincing arguments

·       Exposed to customs and practices beyond his/her own culture

·       Motivates and inspires others

·       Has the ability to perform in a decision making process, both strategically and tactically.

·       Ability to mobilize resources and engender a collaborative effort and drive towards achieving results; strong customer focus with an ability to interact with multiple functions levels

·       Capable of meeting challenging objectives in an efficient and effective way.  Contributing to the goals and the profitability of the company by getting the right things done in the right time.  Actively seeking business opportunities that provide the company with a high added value.

·       Flexibility and ability to work under pressure

·       Team player, willing to strive together to realize solutions in a challenging team setting and achieve division objectives, and, to assume leadership role if asked to step up.

·       Working knowledge of thermoplastic compounding and understanding of converting technologies like injection molding, and extrusion, along with conceptual and working knowledge of physical and analytical testing methodologies and their relationship to material performance and property attributes.



6.         EXPERIENCE


·       Position requires 8-10 years progressive, sales / market development experience, managing sales and marketing efforts in Japan within the polymer industry

·       Diversified industry knowledge in automotive, consumer, industrial and medical segment with strong influences in automotive value supply chain



7.         EDUCATION


·       B.S Degree in engineering or related technical field with a background in thermoplastic elastomers.