役職名: Perfumer
雇用形態: 正社員
勤務地: シンガポール
給与: $150 - 200 k
Start date: 28 Jul 2020
求人ID: 50523
お問い合わせ情報: Minako Hirao
掲載日: 9日 前



Job Responsibilities
  • Successful candidate will undergo a comprehensive 1-2 years' perfumery program that includes a detailed understanding of the fundamental science and technology of perfumery and formulation strategies
  • Solve technical challenges typically encountered during creation of fragrance for products
  • Generate and interpret data that will help to develop fragrances, solve problems, and make discoveries and connections against project needs and problem resolution.
  • Apply fragrance development methods to meet project/category needs, leveraging fundamental formulation models and mechanistic understanding
  • Develop cross-functional networking skills for reapplying knowledge (methods, perfume, technology) across categories
  • Trainee Perfumer, Perfumer in Training or an Experienced Perfumer
  • Strong technical/scientific rigor - Hold a Bachelors, Masters or PhD degree in Science or Engineering with a strong aptitude for chemistry or related areas
  • Relevant experience in the Fabric Care business category will be an advantage
  • Fluent Japanese skill to liaise with Japan entity