Yu Nakada

EA Personnel Number: R1985949


Yu graduated from Western Michigan University in America, where he majored in Aviation Science. Upon graduation, he was given an opportunity back in Tokyo, Japan with an investment bank. He was an Operations Specialist in the FX Trade Support and Security Settlement teams for 3 years. He then moved to Singapore to take on the challenge of a Recruitment Consultant role with JAC Singapore, where he is now a key lead in the Banking and Financial Services team.

Yu works with major firms and a wide range of professionals in banking, investment banking, PE funds, hedge funds, compliance, and consulting companies. With his diversified portfolio in the industry, he has quickly established himself as the go-to consultant in his sector, with many clients choosing to work with him for his technical knowledge and focused candidate pools.

Having been brought up in both Japan and the US, Yu is effectively bilingual in Japanese and English. In addition to his foundation in this sector and understanding his clients well, he has also demonstrated strong rapport with candidates, and always strives to find the best fit for both parties despite a competitive and niche climate in the field.

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