Vicky Zhang

EA Personnel Number: R1980629


Vicky joined JAC Recruitment Singapore in 2019, after obtaining her Master’s degree from Kyoto University in Japan. Having lived and studied in China and Japan, she grew her polyglot abilities in English, Mandarin, and Japanese. It was always in her career goals to work in a multicultural country where she would be able to use all 3 languages seamlessly, so she found Singapore the perfect place to contribute her skills in.

Recognising her innate talent for consulting, she was offered a role in JAC Singapore's Accounting & Finance, Human Resource, and Legal team. She adapted quickly to her international and local teammates, and in a short matter of time, became well-known among her clients as a very competent consultant. As a result of her determination and hard work, she clinched the Best New Joiner Award in 2019.

Vicky believes in connecting with people. She strives to understand each candidate's motivations and passions, and aligns them with her client's goals for business growth. Her ability to strike the delicate balance between candidate aspirations and client's expectations have set her aside as a trusted consultant across industries she works for.