Tatsuya Aizawa

EA Personnel Number: R1657260


From a young age, Tatsuya followed his family to Hong Kong for their work, and was brought up in the international environment of the country. He eventually returned to Japan for his studies, and upon graduation from his university, he went to work in a Japanese logistics company as a Human Resources Executive. There, he was in charge of recruiting fresh graduates, managing new employee onboarding and training, and was even part of the company's team overseeing global HR and overseas training systems.

In 2016, he relocated to Singapore, and joined JAC Singapore. He was in charge of the entire recruitment process for both Japanese and international companies in Singapore and the rest of ASEAN. With his speed, sincerity, and network, he has come to support more than 100 candidates per year, making him one of the most well-connected professionals in his field. 

In 2020, he was appointed as the Division Manager of the Japanese Native team in the company. Here, he oversees his team who works with clients across several industries, including advertising and consumer goods, electronics, machinery, construction, semiconductors, O&G, chemicals, and healthcare. His reach across different industries means working with various executives in various fields, all of whom know him as a cheerful and efficient consultant.

Tatsuya's favourite quote is “You only live once, so you might as well experience all that you can, while you can! ” He is always keen to speak to individuals - whether or not it would be helping someone with a career change, or clients to find the right people to grow their businesses, so please feel free to connect with him!

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