Shanshan Yu


Shanshan was born and raised in China, where she attained her Bachelor’s degree. She then furthered her studies in Tokyo Keizai University in Japan. She adapted well in both countries, and grew her trilingual fluency in Mandarin, Japanese, and English. She decided to relocate and grow her career in Singapore, where she knew she could make best use of her background and language abilities.

In early 2017, Shanshan joined JAC Singapore as a Recruitment Consultant, where she was in-charge of Accounting & Finance, Human Resource, and Legal-related positions. She quickly established herself as the go-to consultant for many clients across industries with her network of candidates in these specialisations. She proved herself as a consultant with her strong understanding of both her clients and candidates, and as a result, has closed several successful deals and senior headcounts. 

As a Senior Recruitment Consultant, Shanshan believes that recruitment is not a force-fit of a candidate's experiences into a job description. Instead, it takes factors including a rich understanding of market information and client-candidate chemistry to select an employee who stays for a career with the employer. Her philosophy reflects very well in her daily work and strong rapport with her connections: Honesty, Transparency, Authenticity, and Empathy. Shanshan aims to be a consultant who is able to create value to both parties with every placement, in terms of career consultations and business growth.

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