Nicodemus Ng

EA Personnel Number: R2091076


Nicodemus started his career in the HR technology space, where he started to build his foundations and understanding of human resources. His interest in working cultures and people interactions across borders was further piqued when he was staying overseas in countries such as Germany and Japan. Eventually choosing to settle in his homeland in Singapore, he drew on his global experiences to develop himself professionally.

He joined JAC in 2020 after a career in business development and sales with a Japanese organisation, as he wanted to use his trilingual abilities in a company that aligns with his goals in the people business. Nicodemus now works the HR, Accounting/Finance, and Legal desk, where he carries meaningful conversations with his partners and candidates. He makes sure to understand the motivations behind actions - the business and career direction meant for each role, or the passion and aspiration driving each candidate. He is passionate about HR and believes that a good match between employee and employer is a key catalyst for business and personal success.

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