Nana Oba

EA Personnel Number: R1988153


Nana started her career in one of the biggest finance and insurance groups in Japan, where she was managing 120 accounts for financial and corporate risk management solutions. She claimed the top award in her third year with the company in a competitive industry for her stellar achievements in new client acquisition, out of a 600-man strong B2B sales division.

In 2017, Nana decided to take on a new challenge and transferred to the company's Thailand office in Bangkok. She was part of the company's Corporate Planning, Human Resources, and Sales divisions, and hence found herself in a unique position where she had to work closely with and manage global and local internal stakeholders. It was her first time working with such a diverse group, but she soon realised the enjoyment of working in such an international environment.

Wanting to pursue career advancement in a global hub, Nana joined JAC Singapore and now manages technical IT position fulfillment for several companies. She takes on positions in software development, data science, block-chain technology, and even roles in the gaming space. As a tech enthusiast herself, she keeps up-to-date on cutting-edge breakthroughs in this field. From major IT companies to venture and start-up firms, Nana knows just the right person for the right job.

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