Lim Hong Hao (EA Personnel Number: R1988005)


Hong Hao graduated from Durham University in the United Kingdom with a degree in Business and Management. Upon graduation, he kick-started his career as a Relationship Manager in one of the top local banks in Singapore and is no stranger to building strong relationships with clients who trust him. He had successfully built a stable portfolio of clients and brought active revenue to his team and company. Looking to grow his interest in human relationships management in a client-facing profession, he joined JAC Recruitment, where he is now a team member of the Banking and Financial Services division.

His client portfolio includes businesses from Financial Institutions, Banks, PE funds, and Fintech companies. Given his background in the field, he wields the ability to understand the industry, its intricacies, and the network that is necessary to find the right team member for his partners and the right career for his job-seekers. Coupled with his experiences in working with various partners and managing accounts, Hong Hao has established himself as the consultant with the know-how and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the people business.