Guo Yihua (EA Personnel Number: R1105333)

Senior Manager

Yihua was born in Beijing, China. She went to Japan to complete her education and obtain her professional degree.
After working in Japan for 6 years, she moved to Singapore with her family and is now a citizen of the republic.

She joined JAC in 1999 as a Recruitment Consultant, and as a trilingual user of English, Mandarin, and Japanese, she has been working with global clients in the search for multilingual candidates.
She proceeded to make more than 200 placements within 7 years across various industries and positions, and now holds membership in JAC's prestigious 200+ Club - a mark of her true professionalism and craft in the recruitment business.

Following her outstanding sales achievements, she took on 4 promotions over the decade with us. As a senior division manager, Yihua continues to play a key role in the company's strategic leadership, business direction and growth, including the expansion of business operations into 5-industry verticals. With her depth of knowledge and experience, she is well-known as the face of the company, consistently expanding the company's network of loyal clients over the years. Many of her placed candidates have also grown to be decision-makers in their organisations, adding into the ranks of her trusted partners, from candidates to clients.

Yihua holds a deep passion for the recruitment industry and has always believed in the value that a recruitment consultant brings in their work. Not only does she consistently deliver excellent candidates to her partners, she knows that the trust is returned when her clients ask for her consultation and expertise.