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100,000 Trees Planted Through JAC Group’s Reforestation Initiative

Posted 12 months ago by JAC Recruitment Singapore

Reforestation Project Jac Group

“Since starting our mission in 2008, we have now introduced over 100,000 professionals to companies around the world, contributing to their ongoing growth whilst also taking measures to assist in the fight against global warming.”


JAC Group which provides recruitment services in 11 countries worldwide, has now contributed to the planting of over 100,000 trees in its ‘One Placement Creates One Plant to Save the Planet’ project (PPP).

The initiative, which began in 2008, is just one of the group’s sustainable development goals (SDG’s), contributing to the development of society through its reforestation activities. During January 2021 the project reached the significant milestone of having planted 100,000 trees in designated reforestation areas in Bali, Indonesia and Borneo, Malaysia.

​The PPP project was started by JAC Group chairman and CEO, Hiromi Tazaki, to combat the impact of global warming and the effects of deforestation through illegal logging in some of the countries where the Group has business operations. Since the inception, the company has planted one tree for every person it has placed into a new job. , with the tree signifying both their individual growth and the re-growth of our natural environment on a global scale.


The number of trees planted to date: 66,843 in Bali, 38,720 in Borneo, across an area of 1,200 hectares.

The impact of JAC Group’s reforestation activities in Bali, Indonesia.

(Left:As of 2008 Right:As of end of 2020)

JAC Group Chairman and CEO, Hiromi Tazaki, describes the initiative’s achievement of planting 100,000 trees.

“Since the beginning of our PPP Project, we have now actively helped 100,000 people to change jobs whilst planting the same number of trees. As a global recruiting company, our aim is to develop connections between people and companies, which can result in the growth of their communities and society, and ultimately add to our global economy.

The PPP initiative encourages JAC Group employees and local residents to participate in and foster awareness around the importance of tree planting. Deforestation occurs by means of both natural disasters and human exploitation of the land. I think it’s paramount that we all collectively contribute to the ongoing environmental conservation of our planet.”

Going forward, this project will continue to grow. The whole JAC Group team will work united to play a role in furthering their participation in environmental activities.

For an overview of the PPP project, please refer to our website below.


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