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Featured in the Japanese magazine of April issue

Posted almost 2 years ago by JAC Recruitment Singapore


Our Singapore Managing Director, Jun, has had been featured in an April issue of a Japanese magazine called AsiaX
Growing up in an international environment, Jun worked as a coordinator in a translation company after graduation from university, where he utilised and honed his bilingual fluency in English and Japanese. There, he was inspired by his seniors who were in the sales line, so he decided to take a leap of faith to join the sales team in a resin manufacturing company.

The company was a small firm with only 30 employees, and Jun learnt the company’s business from scratch, with no prior knowledge of the industry or sales. However, through his interaction with clients, he proved himself by achieving sales success in his career with them.

Jun then joined JAC Recruitment in 2013, as he believed that he could advance his career and own growth in the organisation. Despite being confident in ability to close sales, he had to learn a lot in how to manage both clients and candidates as a consultant. He was blessed with good colleagues and supervisors, and his performance picked up with time.Now, as the Managing Director in JAC Singapore, Jun lives by the Japanese proverb, "The boughs that bear most hang the lowest."

Singapore, while a small red dot in a big world map, is uniquely-positioned to manage many businesses in Asia. Companies often headquarter their Asia Pacific operations in the Republic, and extend operational support from Singapore. Understanding this, Jun realised that the scale of companies' reach in the country was much larger than what he had initially expected. Hence, in order to be the leading company in an already competitive recruitment industry, JAC Singapore has to continuously update ourselves with the latest trends and reports, to always stay one step ahead of others. Jun does this through regular reading of books and exchange of information with other leaders in their own field. In a rapidly-digitising era, he also looks forward to a future where our work becomes greatly transformed through the development of new technologies. 

"I am determined and ready to continue to take on any new challenges", Jun said cheerfully, conveying his excitement to continue to grow and nurture JAC Singapore.

*Original article from the AsiaX magazine, April 2020 issue.
* This article is available only in Japanese.

▼Jun Yilmaz (Managing Director)


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