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JAC Recruitment 100+ Club

Posted almost 2 years ago by JAC Recruitment Singapore

100 Badge

Proof of a high-achieving consultant – 100+ Club

At JAC Recruitment Group worldwide, we have an in-house club called the 100+ Club (One Hundred Plus Club).

This is a prestigious recognition program for high achievers, exclusive to JAC Recruitment Group. In order to be eligible to join the 100+ Club, the consultant would need to close more than 100 successful deals in their tenure with us. Thus, it is definitely not easy to be a member, and only a handful of consultants have achieved this entry.

100 + Club Activities

The club creates their own activities, including JAC employees' in-house training. The learning journey as a consultant is never-ending, but each consultant's in-depth knowledge is constantly refined through every obstacle faced, strengthened through every difficult time, and honoured through every success. Our members are hence veterans in the field - they are not only role models, but also mentors to other consultants, providing them with opportunities to learn through real-life case studies of over 100 plus placements.

Significance of the 100+ Club

The 100 + Club is a goal for all consultants, and the road to a successful career with JAC Recruitment Group. Our members take pride to be in the 100+ Club, as this motivates them to further refine and promote their professionalism in the recruitment business. A badge is given to 100 + Club consultants, as a show of their grit and expertise in what they do, in helping individuals find their calling, and in navigating the growth of businesses and across industries.

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