On April 1, new laws requiring employers to issue itemised pay slips and key employment terms (KET's) came into effect under the latest Singapore Ministry of Manpower's Amendments to the Employment Act, making it necessary for companies to address improvements to their HR processes and systems in order to comply with these changes. In addition, with the launch of the Lean Enterprise Development Scheme (LEDS) last year which supports the growth of Singapore SME's, the focus on local labour (and a "Singaporean core") versus a foreign workforce has only picked up more speed.

Hiring Trends
High demand from employers for IT-related (E-commerce, Fintech) expertise and talent still remains unmet whilst hiring in the Logistics, Supply Chain and Trading Company areas have tapered off. However, recent movement with the AEC has increased the need for hiring for companies setting up in neighbouring SEA countries like Myanmar, the Philippines and Cambodia.

Job Seeking Trends
Although large-scale restructuring continues to take place in the finance sector, shipping, and the Japanese e-commerce sector, the unemployment rate in Singapore has remained at a low level of 2% or less. Jobs movement has pick up from March, and in particular, it is a "seller's market" for Singaporean talent and permanent-residency holders.

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