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JAC Recuitment Singapore Pte Ltd, one of the first international professional recruitment agencies to operate in Singapore, celebrates 30 years of connecting professionals and companies here on 10 March, 2017. JAC Singapore grew from three founding members in Singapore to a leading regional recruitment consultancy with 19 offices in nine countries in Southeast Asia and 450 staff under the steady leadership of Masaharu Ochiai, who has also handed over the reigns as Managing Director to Kyo Hayase, the youngest MD in the JAC Recruitment Group, at the timing of this milestone.

Kyo Hayase was a fast-rising talent in JAC Recruitment Japan, and began his recruitment consultant career as a fresh graduate in the Japan office in 2007. He was consistently recognised not only for top performance but also for his best-practice approach to work, and in 2014 was assigned as Managing Director of JAC Recruitment India to break unknown ground in that market. He made dramatic inroads into a notoriously difficult entry market for foreign professional recruitment firms and grew the business rapidly, leading the company to profitability in less than two years.

SAM_1525.JPG"Singapore is a different market; it's a mature market with tough competition but we can lead with professionality and quality of service. There is further potential here," Hayase says, setting his sights on further growth and expansion in Singapore and Asia.

JAC Recruitment Singapore was the second company to be established in the JAC Recruitment Group after the UK, and was the springboard into Asia, pre-dating entry into Japan where the company is now the third largest recruitment firm in terms of net fee income and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is one of the most recognisable recruitment consultancy brands amongst both at-home and expatriate Japanese professionals and is also steadily gaining awareness for placing local multilingual talent in both Japanese and non-Japanese multinational companies across Asia.