JAC Business Centre Singapore offers coordination services of Japanese-English bilingual staffs for various exhibitions, fairs and events in Singapore. We have years of experience connecting clients and dispatching Japanese-English bilingual staff to food fairs and cultural events featuring Japanese companies and regional Japanese governmental organisations.

One such event for which we have been servicing enquiries regarding the dispatch of Japanese-English bilingual staff is to the upcoming Food Japan 2018, taking place from 25~27 October, 2018 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Food Japan is ASEAN's largest trade fair for the Japanese food industry with over 230 exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors. More importantly, it bridges ASEAN's F&B industry and Japanese companies targeting the ASEAN market. Exhibitors include companies in the areas of agriculture, forestry and fishery products, processed foods and beverages, dishes/traditional crafts, cooking utensils, food machinery, shop facilities, food materials, agribusiness innovation, and other food-related services.

As JAC Business Centre has the necessary expertise for such services, we will be more than happy to provide free quotations and/or consultation for anyone requiring Japanese-English language-related resources to organisers, exhibitors or attendees alike.

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