In 1975, JAC Recruitment was established in London to support the expansion of Japanese companies in the UK. Since then, JAC expanded its operations to Japan and Singapore, followed by several more countries across Asia to support the rapidly growing markets across the region. Today, JAC Recruitment has become one of the most established and well known recruitment agencies throughout the Asian region, having commenced operations over 28 years ago.

JAC Recruitment's unique background originated with the establishment of a Japanese agency in the UK which encompassed English culture as it grew, and then expanded back to Japan as an International Recruitment Agency, becoming the third largest recruitment company in the country. JAC Japan was listed on the JASDAQ Market in September 2006.

The JAC Recruitment Group has built one of the strongest recruitment company networks throughout Asia. This global network allows each individual entity to share global recruitment knowledge as well as gain a deep understanding of the local culture. This enables JAC Recruitment to fulfil the following positions:

  • The placement of specialists and management personnel from overseas on local terms and conditions
  • Multilingual specialists and management specialists placed locally and cross-border
  • Outstanding foreign national specialists and management personnel both locally and cross-border