Why JAC should be your choice? Why should JAC be your preferred Executive Selection Firm?

  1. JAC operates on a success-only fee system. Meaning, no payment is due until a client company appoints a candidate introduced by JAC.
  2. With 25+ years of experience providing recruiting services for local and multinational corporations in Singapore, we have a strong network of experienced and multilingual candidates.
  3. Our 80+ recruiters specialize in industries and actively search for professionals across all functions including Management Specialists, Banking & Financial Specialists, Sales & Marketing Specialists, Accounts and Finance Specialists, Banking & Financial Services Specialists, Manufacturing, IT, Engineering Specialists, SCM, Logistics & Procurement Specialists, Consumers Services Specialists and others.
  4. JAC uses all channels available to actively seek new candidates, carefully screening and selecting suitable professionals for the right role.
[Job Description]

A face to face meeting with client to accurately define a Job Description outlining the key qualifications and responsibilities for a new role.

[Initial Selection]

After our comprehensive search and selection, the client will receive a short-list of suitable candidates.

[Short List]

Client selects the candidates in which they would like to interview.

[Interview Process]

The initial and any subsequent interviews will be arranged on behalf of the client by JAC.

[Final Choice]

After interviewing the short-listed candidates, the client can select the most suitable candidate, if any, for the role.
If no candidate is selected, JAC will repeat the process by fine-tuning the search by factoring clients' feedback in the new search process.

[Offer Presentation]

When a final decision is made, the client will present the candidate with an offer of employment. At this point, the date of commencement, remuneration, and other details must be decided and agreed upon by both candidate and client. JAC can support both parties if further negotiation/consultation is needed.

[Commencement of Employment]

On the date of commencement, JAC will contact the client to ensure that the candidate has fulfilled the agreement. It is only after this stage that JAC will issue an invoice to the client.