Translation and Interpreter services in Singapore from JAC Business Centre

For translation and interpreter services in Singapore you can trust JAC Business Centre.

The JAC Business Centre offers translation and interpreter services in various fields and industries for your various business needs from translation of official documents to professional interpreter services for large-scale events. Given JAC's 30-year history in Singapore, we are well-situated to find high-calibre interpreters and translators for your business needs in any language.

Translation Service

Translation service, which calls for a high level of expertise, starts with arranging for a skilled translator versed in the relevant field. We serve its utmost to meet the varied requests of each customer.

Supported Languages

Japanese, English, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. Please feel free to contact our coordinator for your enquiry.

Supported Document Types

Presentation materials, technical documents, business letters, manuals, product catalogues, contracts, certificates, academic papers, newspaper/magazine articles, PR materials, web sites, etc.

Strict Confidentiality

JAC and its translators keep the information in your texts strictly confidential.

Other Services

Audio transcripts, translation of video, native checking, subtitle preparation, etc.

We provide coordination with constant attention to the balance between quality, speed and cost. There are many conditions that affect these factors, so the desired results are more readily achieved by having a thorough discussion with the coordinator when requesting the translation.

Adequate time and information are keys to high quality translation

If a polished translation is required, time will be needed to work over the draft several times. Translation with appropriate wording for the field of usage requires terminology and other reference materials. It may be necessary to wait for a highly skilled translator to become available for the work to start. If quality requirements are high, it is advisable to allow ample time and to provide adequate information and reference materials.

Increasing speed sacrifices quality

Some customers may say "it has to be done immediately." Pushing for speed tends to sacrifice translation quality. This is because priority is given to the first available translator, and there is insufficient time for searching information or polishing the text. Nonetheless, JAC attempts to fulfil such customers' requests as much as possible. If the delivery schedule is too tight for top quality, the coordinator will make a considered proposal of what is possible within the available time.

Please send the original document to be translated

If the original document is unavailable, please let us know source language and target language, the expected text volume and the format of the original (whether it is a soft or hard copy, and what data format it is in). A cost estimate and delivery schedule will be provided based on the expected volume and type of the document.

How the translation will be used

Information on what sort of people will view the translated document helps in determining the quality level to be aimed for.

Format in which translation should be delivered

If the original document is editable data, please advise whether or not the translation should be in an editable format. If the original document is in the form of non-editable data (PDF, etc.) or a hard copy, please indicate whether the translation should be delivered as text data only or with a particular page layout.

Delivery schedules

Please indicate your desired delivery schedule. We will try to make arrangements accordingly. If difficult, we will propose the shortest feasible delivery schedule.

Issuance of Translation Certificate

When you are submitting translated documents to places such as the Home Office, Companies House or universities, translation certificate might be requested. We could issue the translation certificate by SGD50.00 per certificate.

Interpretation Service

Interpretation, which can be crucial for smooth communication, attains the highest level through the teamwork of skilled interpreters and professional coordinators. We take great care day by day to develop a relationship of trust with top-class interpreters playing an active role in various fields.

Our coordinators will select and dispatch suitable interpreter or interpreters according to the occasion: e.g. business negotiation, tele-conference, IR meeting, IR road show, conference and symposium (on-stage and booth), seminar, trade fair, interview, focus group, assistance for visitors, assistance in hospital visits and shopping trips.

All styles of interpretation

Our interpreters have varied levels of skills from consecutive (interpreting during pauses in the original speech), whispering (interpreting simultaneously on a one-on-one basis) and simultaneous interpretation (interpreting simultaneously usually in a booth for large audience).

Strict Confidentiality

JAC and its interpreters keep confidential all information obtained in relation to the assignment.

Supporting the interpreting environment with leading technology

A good interpreting environment is essential for good interpreting. Interpreters are "professionals of sound" trained to distinguish barely audible subtleties of tone. We have the skill and experience to meet the requirements of such professionalism, bringing out the interpreters' full potential by providing an unsurpassed interpreting environment.

Bilingual Staff Arrangement

Arrangement of Japanese - English bilingual staffs and MCs for conventions and other event.

EP Application Service