JAC Executive

Leaders who drive companies and business forward are the trigger for new growth.


Company Executives such as CEO, CFO, COO & CIO, and Senior Managements

Starting up a new business, entering global markets, expanding a business, building a framework to launch an IPO... These are examples of growth translating into companies needing new leaders to take them to the next stage. Other reasons may be changes in the business environment or changes in senior management. Whatever the reason, we can provide the leaders required at such times.

From top executives to senior management, JAC Executive holds a substantial pool of exceptionally able candidates. Many are on our books because they have been specifically searched for by our expert consultants. We are also very strong at sourcing candidates by using the databases of both our local candidates and those of our overseas network of offices.

Referral or personal recommendation is based upon trust, and is the main reason we are able to introduce such a variety of top-calibre candidates.

Are you looking for a real leader who will bring new growth to your business?

If so, then you need look no further than JAC Executive.

Our Clients

Both local and multinational companies who require senior executives

Our Services

  • Providing senior management roles from CEO to Senior Manager
  • Providing highly specialised candidates with ample international experience
  • Providing executive specialists for back office functions
  • Providing those with experience of managing listed companies


Our charge is on a contingency basis with no upfront payment. Clients are invoiced only after a candidate has taken up his or her post, and there is a conditional refund policy in the event of early termination. We can and will work on retainer fee basis dependent on positions and the client's requirement.