Recruitment Specialists

Through consultation our recruitment professionals precisely understand the needs of both companies and individuals and so are able to carry out superlative matching.

Global Network

Since 1975

The JAC Recruitment Group network now spans ten countries of which nine are located in Asia. It is recognised as the longest established international recruitment company group within the Asia region.

JAC Recruitment Singapore / JAC Recruitment Asia

Established in 1987, Singapore has now become the headquarters* of the Asia region and UK operations, presently covering nine countries with 19 offices under the banner of JAC Recruitment Asia. Plans are in place to broaden exposure in the Asia region with further operations in India and Taiwan.
*Note: excluding Japan

JAC Recruitment Japan

Established in 1988, today it is one of the most recognized Recruitment Companies in Japan.

1000 Professionals

We are a gathering of 1000 professional consultants worldwide who specialize in different industries across the globe. We offer an in-depth service that focuses on your diverse, industry-specific requirements.